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What moves our passion is the awareness that through a company it is concretely possible to give life to “another possible world”, starting from creating well-being in the lives of the people who participate in the Company Project but also of all those who are directly or indirectly involved: Suppliers, Customers, Social Context.

For this reasons Noesis has decided to expand in Kenya the activity it already carries out in Italy, starting from a “Business School”, which shares the theoretical bases of business start-up and management, then continuing to support entrepreneurs on their managerial path, monitoring the results and indicating the necessary corrections to develop the business of the various activities.

  • “A job serves to develop and live a sense of self-efficacy, building self-esteem and self-actualization.
    This creates independence and quality in the person’s life improving the world of which it is an active part”
    (Girolamo Asta)

    NOESIS Kenya Ltd - Business School


NOESIS Kenya Ltd - Table BankingAlso by virtue of the years spent in Africa in the management of previous Cooperation and Work projects – we want to make our skills available both to local Kenyan companies and to an Entrepreneurial Project with a significant social impact, in favor of single mothers of the Meru Region in Kenya.

We are convinced that the improvement of people’s lives passes mainly from building together with them the conditions for a dignified and sufficient economic independence, which allows them to self-determine their choices, in the professional, relational and existential fields.

Through our local Managing Director, Celina Kaaka, we started from the organization of a Financial Education program: the Table Banking.

From this emerged the usefulness of giving autonomy to people in the creation of income, which allows independence and the construction of social well-being deriving from the development of entrepreneurial skills.

NOESIS Kenya Ltd - Business School Program

In continuation with the Business School Program, managerial support courses will therefore be proposed to local entrepreneurs, who want to improve their management and leadership skills, with the aim of extending a new vision of “Doing Business” to as many business realities as possible, perhaps with important technical skills but with significant areas for improvement in the management of their business.


Business School

NOESIS Kenya Ltd - Business School for start-up and management of SMEs

Business School for start-up and management of SMEs

Starting from the understanding of the value of having a Vision and a Mission, we will get to understand how to build a Business Model, according to a target market to which the entrepreneurial proposal is addressed.

Subsequently, organizational and managerial techniques will be shared, aimed at guiding production, people, sales and economic/financial monitoring.

Entrepreneurial support

NOESIS Kenya Ltd - Entrepreneurial support

An operational step that concerns the support to the Company Management.

We will work to facilitate the Company in the transition to a more structured industrial dimension, which allows even better and important results than those already achieved.

This will imply a redefinition of some priority aspects, based on what was found  in the initial analysis, which will have as reference the Business Model and the Business Plan defined in the initial phases. 

Analysis & Model

  • Business Model
  • Business Plan
  • Organizational Scheme
  • Production flows
  • Managerial and HR Style
  • Business Model
  • Business Plan
  • Organizational Scheme
  • Production flows
  • Managerial and HR Style
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Commercial innovation
  • Contracts
  • Management control
  • Governance


The two Managing Directors of Noesis Kenya LTD. work between Italy and Kenya for the realization of this initiative, with the aim of supporting Small and Medium Enterprises on a growth path, both on an organizational and business level, that is, in the generation of income through managerial optimization and commercial development.

Girolamo Asta

NOESIS Kenya Ltd - Managing Director Girolamo Asta

Degree in Business Education, Master in Training in SMEs, Business Mastery with Anthony Robbins and Master in N.L.P. and Neurosemantics. Certified Professional Coach. For over 20 years he has been dealing with Organizational Consulting, Training, HR Management and Business Performance Implementation.

He manages projects related to organizational improvement, production processes and teamwork, as well as managerial Business Training paths, functional to the results of positioning on the target market and achievement of economic objectives.

Celina Kaaka

NOESIS Kenya Ltd - Managing Director Celina Kaaka

Celina Kaaka, Associate Diploma in Business Management, for many years have been training the communities on Table banking, calculations and record keeping.

Capacity building to the women and empowerment projects.

Training Employees on groups formations and management.